Musik für den Augenblick: enjumi

Durch den DE:BUG POD habe ich ein tolles Release auf Legoego endeckt: “Enjumi – Der Morgen Davor (Legoego / 008)”. Schöner “Minimal Lofi Pop” teilweise mit einer Stimme, die etwas an manche Thomas D. Lieder (z.B. “Gebet an den Planet”, was auch seine Reiz hat) erinnert.
Genial ist das Intro, dass nur aus Songtiteln/zitaten besteht:

If I could turn back time it would still be the summer of 69. Mamma mia, those were the days it was like wild boys in paradise city. Sweet dreams are made of this, but until now I still haven’t found what I’m looking for, but boys don’t cry, and girl, you know it’s true I was made for loving you and even though i’m cold as ice when the rain begins to fall. I will promise myself but don’t let me be misunderstood. Let’s dance and then get out of my dreams and into my car cause you ain’t seen nothing yet. Don’t go, don’t you forget about me? Gimme all your loving and wake me up before you go-go. I know love is a battlefield, but don’t leave me this way. Don’t you want me? It’s such a shame. I thought love was in the air. Hey little girl, it’s more than a feeling and we could feel forever young, but with or without you I will survive!

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