Haso über Ted Haggard

Ich weiß nicht, ob ihr etwas von Ted Haggard die letzten Tage gelesen oder gehört habt. Haggard ist einer der einflussreichsten Pastoren der USA, um den es jetzt einen großen Skandal gibt.
Haso schreibt dazu “Ted Haggard – doch noch ein Kommentar“. Haso fasst da erstmal die Ereignisse gut zusammen, um dann sehr gute Gedanken zu Sünde, Gnade, die Gründe, das System usw. zu bringen. Einer ebenso langer wie lesenswerter Post.

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2 Gedanken zu „Haso über Ted Haggard“

  1. Hey,

    I appreciate the comment, man. I know what you’re saying is true, but…. when I mess something up, it’s just so hard to remember that God has a purpose in all of it.

    Thanks for caring, though.

    A propos Haggard — it’s just sad on so many levels. I really hate how the name of Christ has been turned into a political weapon here. (I know you guys actually have Christianity in the name of the CDU and all, but it’s not like here, is it?) I grieve for Ted Haggard and his family, but if his downfall plays a role in liberating the church here from its hypocrisy, that would be a way God can use it to his Glory.

    I’ll check out the blog you linked even though it may be a challenge for my German. 🙂

  2. @philip:
    you’re welcome.

    You’re right, the C in CDU stands for Christian. But it becomes less and less important. The situation is really different here in Germany. Church and religion is not really important for politics.

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